Relief in Haiti: Find out how you can help

Did you know:

That Canada has the largest population of ex-pat Haitians, most of them living in Montreal or Toronto.

With the worst earthquake that has hit Haiti in 200 years, what can you do to help?

1. Reach out to any of your Haitian friends, many of them have still not been able to get in touch with family and friends in Haiti, so they need your support. Some of my best girls are Haitian and it was when I started talking to them did I fully realize the devastation that has happened to an already impoverished country.

2. Text HAITI to 45678 to make a donation through the Salvation Army. Alternatively, you can visit the Canadian Red Cross website to donate online, on the phone, by mail, or in person. Red Cross volunteers will also be set up at five subway stations accepting cash donations: Yonge-Bloor, King, Sheppard-Yonge, Finch, and Kennedy stations.

3. Bring items to the store and we will ship them to Edeyo, a charity based out of New York. They're looking for:

Tents (Walmart has some for $35)
Flashlight batteries – D cells
Matches / lighters
Rubbing alcohol
Hydrogen peroxideIodine
Baby Diapers
Canned food (with a TAB OPENING not requiring a can opener)
Energy bars
Bottled water

4. We will be helping in organizing a charity fundraising event - will keep you posted.

Thanks from Gotstyle.

From my friend Patricia Goldman:

I am focusing on the helping part so the energy remains only positive, because today I'm Haitian. More "human"than any other people, that's why I sing more, I laugh more, I cry more, I dance more, I love more. I pray, I resist, I fight, I suffer, I fall. Then I get back on my feet so I can sing more, laugh more, cry more, dance more and love more. Because I'm resilient. Because I'm Haitian.

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