Print And Pattern For All Ages

The most sartorially adventurous will attack spring's major print and pattern trend with the ferocity of a lion. For the less aggressive, not inclined to commit to head-to-toe botanical, tie-dye and dots, Gotstyle has devised four implausibly easy ways to add hints of motif to masculine looks for any age.

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DL1961 Russell Slim Fit Denim: $198
New Balance 410 Classic Sneakers: $89.95
John Varvatos Start T-Shirt: $98
Zanerobe Dropkick Denim Vest w/ Camo Detail: $180
Gsus Down Baseball Jacket: $249 Shop Now

At 20 you feel the world is your oyster. Your ambitions are high, your inhibitions low, you’re willing to try new things just for the sake of the “experience”. Your sense of style is still evolving because you as a person are evolving. You are keenly aware of the trends but determined to constantly maintain your individuality. You’re bolder, and more apt to taking risks, both in life and with your personal style. You see yourself as a maverick.


Zanerobe Munk Trunk Chino Denim: $130 Shop Now
Sand Copenhagen Cotton/Linen Blazer: $550
Sand Copenhagen Floral Dress Shirt: $225
John Varvatos Schooner Boat Shoe: $225

Life starts to change in your 30’s. You’re emerging out of your adolescence and moving into a career driven state of mind. You’re clear on the man you want to be and are slowly taking the steps necessary to carve out your path. Your sense of style has evolved to take into consideration your new surroundings while still maintaining your sense of individualism. Work hard, play hard has effectively become your battle cry.


Mastai Ferretti Slim Fit Floral Shirt: $250
Vito Maddisson Chino: $90 Shop Now
Bench Craft Belt: $85
Johnny Love Polanski Lightweight Camo Print Water Resistant Parka: $605 Shop Now
Base London Leather Brogue Shoe: $185

Welcome to your 40’s. This is quite frankly your Ah-Ha moment when you realize that your work life and closet share a common characteristic, they’ve both been edited to perfection. Much like a great presentation, your wardrobe is concise, refined, directional and always on point. You know who you are, what you want to say, and how you want to say it. Case closed!

Lubiam Cotton Blend Plaid Pants: $195
Sand Copenhagen State N Micro Weave Shirt: $225
Circle Of Gentlemen Lincon Linen Blazer: $800
Amanda Christensen Pocketsquare: $45
Duchamp Woven Design Tie: $150
Rogue Rodman Distressed Nubuck Wingtip Shoe: $250 – $175

Your 50’s, when life becomes less about pleasing others and more about enjoying life. Granted you continue to work hard, but you also recognize that every now and then you have to stop and smell the roses. You also realize that in your infinite wisdom that it’s your duty to show the “kids” in the office that you still run the style game and that no matter your age no one can do prints and patterns better than you.

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