Preparational Tips for Pride

With Pride still on the go, amp up your experience with some last minute tips:

1. Don’t starve the week before Pride, you don’t want to run the risk of not having energy for your all night dancing. Instead, cut down on your carbs and have 6 mini meals of protein, fruit and veggies. This will help boost your metabolism and keep your blood sugar stable. Also, don’t forget to punctuate your drinking – for every 3-4 drinks, have a glass of water.

2. A tan always makes you look thinner but we all know the dangers of fake and baking! Get a good self tanner like Dior’s Self Tanner (no orange streaks) and make sure to exfoliate first.

3. Wear something that will make you stand out and get a conversation started:

"Cool bracelets, can I try them on?" - M. Cohen Jewelry, $85-$140

"Love those shoes" Bright red loafers by Bunker, $175

"Are those real bullet holes in your shirt?" - Dutch Blonde, $125

"Sexy bathing suit" - Skmpeez, $59-$69

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