Please take off your pants

Favorite words I love saying to guys shopping in the store! This season I will be saying it alot more because we have some amazing pants for this Fall. Take a look in your closet now and what do you have for pants? Tons of denim, some boring dress pants and maybe a few pairs of chinos. For years it’s all been about the shirt but this season the pant is taking over to help up-grade your wardrobe (so make some room in your closet!).

What’s great about the new styles of pants this season?

Great fabrics – look for menswear classics like tweeds, flannels, checks and plaids in modern fits. Ease of co-ordination these fabrics are super easy to mix and match with, many can take you from casual to work to evening.

These Ted Baker pants have a great velvet trim detail $250

Another great Ted pant in a black / blue birdeye give you tons of versitility when it comes to co-ordinating. $275

My Favorite pant of the season – tuxedo stripe in a nice sturdy fabric, the perfect alternative to jeans when going out. Where it with a white french cuff shirts or a hoodie – either way it works!

Sand herringbone pants $250

We have a great selection of subtle check pants in for Fall like Cinque $225 and Stones $195. Wear them with neurtral colors for work and spice them up with their accent color for evening.

If you notice these pants all have substance – important to think about how your boys are going to feel when it’s minus 30 out! (you don’t want the wind whistling though those thin dress pants you usually wear do you?)

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