Pitti Uomo Street Style | GOTSTYLE at Pitti

Pitti Uomo street style might be the best thing to see in Milan this time of year.

Pitti is the center of Milan fashion week. Find guys dressed in bold suits, brightly coloured overcoats, brightly coloured shoes and accessories. It might be the coolest place to be photographed in the world.

Our King West stylist Matt went to see our friends in Florence. It’s like an Instagram #ootd heaven which one is your favorite?

Scarves were an effortless way to keep warm.



Sitting on this wall almost guarantees you get snapped.

pitti-uomo-style-2017-4 pitti-uomo-style-2017-6

Yessome guys really go all out

pitti-uomo-style-2017-7 pitti-uomo-style-2017-8

Laid back looks


Finally caught a little streetwear style


pitti-uomo-style-2017-16pitti-uomo-style-2017-11 pitti-uomo-style-2017-12


Classicly simple

pitti-uomo-style-2017-14 pitti-uomo-style-2017-15

pitti-uomo-style-2017-17 pitti-uomo-style-2017-18 pitti-uomo-style-2017-19 pitti-uomo-style-2017-20 pitti-uomo-style-2017-21 pitti-uomo-style-2017-22 pitti-uomo-style-2017-23 pitti-uomo-style-2017-24

Bold looks


Bright Colours

pitti-uomo-style-2017-26 pitti-uomo-style-2017-27


Exaggerated silhouettes pitti-uomo-style-2017-29

pitti-uomo-style-2017-30 pitti-uomo-style-2017-31 pitti-uomo-style-2017-32 pitti-uomo-style-2017-35 pitti-uomo-style-2017-36 pitti-uomo-style-2017-38 pitti-uomo-style-2017-39 pitti-uomo-style-2017-42 pitti-uomo-style-2017-43


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