GOTSTYLE's top picks for men, for the colder seasons.

The Fall and Winter season for men can get bland and boring with all the blacks, navy, and greys. We curated our F/W collection to be more eclectic but also very functional for working anywhere on any couch. We have the 4 items you NEED to keep you warm these upcoming months. 



 What happens when a jacket has a one night stand with a shirt? A shacket it born! Shackets are a lighter version of a jacket, they are still to be worn outdoors and as a finishing piece to your outfit. Perfect for transitional seasons and weather. They are usually more of a boxier fit and pairs really well with a turtleneck, or light sweater. Remember they are warm, but also thin. No need to bring out the puffer yet. Also bring out our shacket again for the early days of spring.



At this point joggers are probably one of the clothing garments that really catapulted into popularity due to Covid. They are the formal version of a sweatpant. We have joggers that have stretch in them, nice and tapered, and perfect to wear to the office and the bar right after. Depending on how you style them they can pass off as dress pants, or a really nice fitting pant.


Now turtlenecks are back! They were gone for a little bit, but they are back into a Fall must have for this season. These often made out of wool can keep you AND your neck warm. They can possibly even be a face mask incase you lose or forgot your masks. Turtlenecks are fitted and made out of wool. Why? Well because they work best as a layering piece (to your shacket or blazer) and usually does the trick in terms of keep you warm throughout the day. Everyone looks good in a classic black turtleneck, you just become an elegant and wisdom filled man. If you want more colours check them out here.

*Style tip* If you hate that itchy feeling from wool, the best way to combat is to use t-shirt underneath it. 

1.5 jacket

In the later days of Fall predicting the weather is hard, especially since it goes from cold, to chilly, to sweater weather in a span of 10 hours. If 2020 has taught us anything it's about practicality and being comfortable, without looking like you're wearing your 6 year old Roots track suit. We ordered the best mens topcoat for the season. We have topcoats that have a removable vest or hoodie insert. These add a little extra warmth for you in areas where topcoats would usually let the cold air slip. They make topcoats more versatile as well because the inserts add a more casual feel to an often formal attire.  We have 3 different styles and also versions that are blazers.

Chelsea Boot

Chelsea boots are rockstars of shoes. When you wear one you automatically look polished, and stylish. They are leather with a stretch panel that makes it easy to put on. These are not a replacement of your winter boots, these are a replacement for your everyday Uggs. *Style Tip* Match your jacket to your Chelsea boot and you will look like the most stylish man anywhere you are. Note for most leather shoes you do need to wear them 2-3times to break them in and feel comfortable.