Oscars 2016 Red Carpet Highlights

Our Favourite Looks of the Oscars 2016

It’s the day after the 88th Academy Awards aka the Oscars so of course we are going to talk about red carpet looks. There’s a lot of focus on what the women wear because let’s face it, there’s more variations. So we aren’t going to talk about who wore what best, we are going to highlight the guys that tried to be different and stand out. At Gotstyle, we always have an appreciation for someone who steps outside of their comfort zone or of the expected.

Leonardo Di Caprio

Okay we had a give a little shoutout to Leo for looking great in a classic black tuxedo and finally winning an Oscar. We know you’ve probably heard enough of it on every social media platform but we just had to. Even if he never won one, we all know in our hearts he’s an outstanding actor.

88th Academy Awards - Arrivals

Photo credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Eddie Redmayne

Black tuxes are the go-to for any gala events. It’s a given that most men will show up in one but we like Eddie Redmayne’s because he wore a velvet jacket with a peak lapel made of a contrast fabric. This is a good way to add character to a black tuxedo, especially if wearing colour isn’t your thing.

eddie-redmayne-Steve Granitz:WireImag

Photo credit: Steve Granitz/Wirelmag

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill’s outfit is another example of standing out when wearing a black tuxedo. He is wearing a velvet jacket with a shawl collar. We also like the black buttons on his tuxedo shirt and his white pocket square. In a sea of men wearing black tuxes, small details really do make a difference.

henry-cavill-Jason Merritt:Getty Images

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Finn Wittrock

It’s obvious why we like Finn’s outfit- it’s not black! The navy tuxedo with a contrast narrow lapel is a sleek look. He even went with a navy bow tie. We always appreciate a clean tonal style.

finn-Wittrock-Jason Merritt:Getty Images

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jared Leto

Leave it to Jared Leto to take the black tuxedo to another level. It’s definitely an interesting look with the pops of red and the flower instead of a bow tie. If women are allowed to express their personality on the red carpet, men should be able to too.

jared-leto:Jason Merritt:Getty Images

Photo credit: Getty Images

John Legend

We are liking John Legend’s tuxedo with satin lapels. He’s looking dapper and honestly, sometimes a beautiful wife (Chrissy Teigen) in a beautiful gown is the best accessory!


Photo credit: Todd Williamson/Getty Images

Michael Strahan

We appreciate Michael Strahan’s tuxedo, for its colour and 3-piece style. The outfit isn’t perfect but we can’t knock the guy for trying. Kudos for stepping outside of the generic black tuxedo and turning heads.

michael-strahan-Jason Merritt:Getty Images

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Orlando Jones

Orlando definitely turned heads on the red carpet. The gold, copper and silver motif is classy but full of character. A printed jacket is an easy way to jazz up for a gala or black tie event.


Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest also shows us that a contrast jacket is the way to go. The grey stands out but is still neutral. Great for those gents who aren’t exactly willing to have their outfit scream “look at me!”.

88th Academy Awards - Arrivals

Photo credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Sylvester Stallone

We highlighted a navy tuxedo earlier but we also like how Sylvester Stallone wore his with a black bow tie and black shirt. This keeps his look a bit more minimal even though its coloured because there is less of a contrast. He looks dapper and sophisticated.


Photo credit: NY Times


We are really enjoying Common’s 3-piece suit. Its white with a shawl collar and the piece de resistance is the diamond star lapel pin. At something as glamorous as the Oscars, we really appreciate the men who acknowledge that and go above and beyond.


Photo credit: NY Times

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