One Suit, Four Ways

Guys for the most part are conditioned to be very pragmatic shoppers. They look for things that they obviously need, but also things that give them the most amount of “versatility”. Though we are strong believers in having a diverse wardrobe, segmented for different occasions, we completely understand the need for versatility in ones closet. One of the most common questions we receive when wardrobing men in suits is, “Can these pieces be worn separately?”

To answer that very question we’ve put together this great style guide to demonstrate how you can wear one suit four ways.


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When worn as a 3-piece this outfit is great for any formal occasion. You can go straight from the red carpet to your best mans wedding in one fail swoop.


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Take out the vest and what you’re left is what we like to call Bay St. chic. It’s bold, and confident which is exactly what you want when walking in to any boardroom.


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Here is what “casual Fridays” should look like. Keep the suit trouser but drop the jacket, this look still maintains a professional aesthetic while giving you a day off from that 9-5 suit & tie.


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Last but not least, the evening date look. The jean and blazer combination is a sure winner and guaranteed to get you noticed no matter where you go. It screams confidence, not conceitedness…ladies love that.

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