Old Money Blazers and Women's Power Suit

old money blazers and power suits

Melissa and Lindsay are donning the latest from Normeet to show what power suits can do, while Frankie gives a masterclass in old money elegance. Discover how we blend timeless style with modern flair, ensuring you're not just dressed, but distinctly unforgettable.

Frankie's Old Money Vibes

Frankie’s channeling old money vibes with a fresh spin in a Joop! Striped Patch Pocket Peak Lapel Knit Blazer. Merging classic luxury with a touch of nonchalance, this look isn’t just old school—it’s old school made cool. Teamed with the crispest of polos and sleek denim, Frankie’s proving style’s in the details.

Melissa's Boss Mode

Watch Melissa redefine boardroom boundaries in a striking Amber-Gold Normeet Jersey Blazer paired with perfectly tailored Slim Leg Pants. This isn't just an outfit; it's your new power uniform. Ready to command attention and conquer the day? Melissa shows you how.

Lindsay’s not just wearing a suit; she’s making a statement. Decked in a bold green Normeet Techno Fabric Double Breasted Blazer and matching Wide Leg Pants, she’s crafting her narrative on how to wear confidence as your best accessory.

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Whether it's embracing the timeless allure of old money or commanding the boardroom with unyielding determination, these looks embody the essence of sophistication and empowerment. So, whether you're stepping into a prestigious gala or a high-stakes meeting, remember: your attire is more than just fabric and threads; it's a statement of your presence, your purpose, and your power to shape the world around you. Want more style ideas catered to your need? Book a FREE personal styling session with our stylists at gotstyle! Dress better to do better - wearing suits is a lifestyle!