Ok, you can un-tuck your shirts now!

Haight & Ashbury shirt, $75

John Varvatos shirt, $185

Luke Smith shirt, $195

You know I’m a huge fan of getting guys to tuck in their shirts in when they go out a night (it’s a more sophisticated and neater look), but I will admit that when it’s hot like this outside… it’s OK to un-tuck your shirt. Provided that’s it’s meant to do so, meaning it’s a shorter cut shirt (so it doesn’t hang past your ass), it should have a finishing detail on the side and should be more of a looser relaxed cut.

Don’t get me wrong – I meant loose, not boxy. What’s the diff? Loose will allow some air circulation so you don’t have too much fabric touching your skin (icky, especially when you start to sweat), but the garment will still have some shape to it. Boxy is just boxy with no shape to it!

We’ve got some new shirts in from Haight & Ashbury, John Varvatos and Luke Simon (new NY-based designer) that have been approved for un-tucking. Do not try this at home with your regular dress shirts please!

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