Nice Rack: Lots of Fun $250 Finds in the Boxing Day Sale

In an effort to prevent spending my vacation money, I focused my rack hunting skills on finding neat stuff in the Gotstyle sale racks and writing a blog post about it.

There’s always the misconception that that sale racks only contain the ugly, XL stuff. I’m here to break that myth. Sure, I did find a few pieces that made me want to write a separate blog post called Things That Make You Go Hmmm, but I also found a lot of really awesome pieces, especially for Spring/Summer. In my (small) size too!

Lots of amazing stuff went out on Boxing Day, but four days in and I’m still finding blog-worthy items. Here are a few things I saw that tickled my bargain-hunting fancy. Feel free to buy them before I do.

• • •

Trapper Jacket
Available in: Small, Medium
Price: $595 $250

Found this jacket from Trapper. Extra soft leather in a cool brown shade, a comfortable hood, and fits like a cozy glove. Ideal for fall, but if you like to layer, you can get by this winter in it. And it’s cheaper than my staff discount!

• • •

Cinque Jacket
Available in: Large
Price: $550 $250

Another great find was this dark brown jacket. It’s padded for insulation and will keep you warm this winter. And again, cheaper than my staff discount.

• • •

Not Your Father Tuxedo Blazer
Available in: 40, 42
Price: $495 $250

A white tuxedo blazer. Can you get any more Bond? Not Your Father makes a great trim cut blazer (as do all their suits, for that matter) that will put you in the dashing factor mode.

• • •

Kwasi Sports Coats
Available in: Small, Medium, Large
Price: $395 $250

Remember these sports coats from Toronto designer, Kwasi? They were hit at our fashion show at LG Fashion Week last year, and they’re available in our Boxing Day Sale for price you’d have to do a double take on. If you can pull these jackets off, you’ll be the hit at any party.

• • •

Gotstyle Suits
Available in: 38 to 46
Price: $750+ $250
I had a fellow tweet me, asking if we had any (somewhat) conservative suits in the Boxing Day Sale. Digging through the racks, I found a ton of great suits from 38 to 46 that didn’t look embarrassing. Charcoals, dark greys, lighter greys, solid and pinstriped.. you name it. And the markdown is ridiculous: these babies are $250 each!

• • •

I had a lot of fun picking out some stuff with one of our customers, who walked away with a ton of stuff, including a $90 pair of grey, cashmere socks for $20. Didn’t get a chance to snap a photo of his finds, but we were able to come up big!

What kind of deals were you able to find?

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