Nice Rack: Even More Fun Finds for $50 and Under

Taking one more spin through, I poked around the $50 racks to see what kind of goodness I can find.

• • •

Belts Bonanza
Available in: All sizes
Price: $20

Yeah, I’m a little shocked too. We found a box of high quality belts in brown and black from various belt makers, and we’re selling them for $20 each. Some belts are listed as high as $155, which would be the one above, but I guess we’re selling them for $20 too. Twenty. Bucks.

• • •

Shoes & Sneakers
Available in: 7 to 12
Price: Up to $250 $50

I may be swayed by these three shoes/sneakers from Gordon Rush, Penguin, and Sully Wong, mainly because I already own them, but there’s a ton of fresh footwear to pick through, ranging from size 7 to 12s. If you’re on either side of that spectrum, you may have a better chance at finding one your size though.

• • •

Underwear from Ginch Gonch, Bjorn Borg, and Piss & Vinegar
Available in: Small to Large
Price: $35 $20

Cheap, fun, and occasionally tacky (but in a good way), spice up underneath your clothes with Ginch Gonch, Bjorn Borg, and Piss & Vinegar. Lots of colour graphic underwear to choose from. And they’re only $20 each.

• • •

The Boxing Day Sale racks won’t be up for much longer, so stop by the store as soon as you can before we close for the year on Friday. Have fun!

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