New York Buying Trip – Spring 2011

Just got back from the trade shows in NYC, starting to buy for next spring. After three trade shows, looking at over 500 different brands in the scorching NY heat, it made for a very long few days. But it is NYC and it’s always fun (and I always seem to go when the shoe sales are at 65% off!). Some things to look forward to for next Spring:

1. Lots of great new short and swimsuit options – finally they are coming out with new designs and details to make shorts more interesting for guys. The swimwear market is also exploding with trimmer styles and hopefully the end of the oversized swim trunks for guys.
2. Cool outerwear – I’m always on the search for new outerwear lines and found the perfect one from Norway, military inspired details, water resistant and a great fit for guys who work out.
3. New suit lines – There is a suit collection out of the UK called Without Prejudice that is starting to take over market share from Boss in the independent stores. They do a true size 41 for those in-between guys, offer working buttonholes with a contrast purple stitch… trying to get some styles in for Fall! Check out their collection on their site.

As for the restaurants and NY bars…stay tuned for the next post.

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