New In: Zanerobe & Barney Cools

I’ve lied to you... after over 10 years of asking (and sometimes begging) you to not wear cargo pants or shorts and to wear clothes that are fitted and not oversized, it’s all coming back full circle.

Yes, cargo pants are coming back but thankfully they are different than those boxy oversized ones that a few of you are still hanging on to. With the words utilitarian, comfort and relax coming back into men’s style it only makes sense that cargos are back (yes, we understand that you need a place to put your stuff somewhere) but this time with a modern fit.

Our favorite pair of cargos is by our “life altering brand” Zanerobe from Australia. We had the Blockshot in before and they pretty much sold out as soon as they hit the floor. For Fall they are the same carrot top fit (slightly dropped crotch with a tapered bottom), a drawstring elastic waist with a zippered bottom but they now have a more elongated front cargo pocket. Front cargos are better as you won’t try to over stuff them with junk but are perfect to hold your phone and a slim billfold.

If you’re already a fan of the Sureshot (the starter pant of any first time Zanerobe customer) the Blockshot has a slightly different fit. While it still has a dropped crotch it doesn’t have the elastic bottom that the sureshot does, so the leg is more tapered.



blockshot chino

The Blockshot is the perfect pant for traveling, you can safely keep your passport and ticket in your front cargo so you’re not looking for them in a panic when you get to the gate. And the drop crotch fit means your boys won’t be squished like they are when you wear jeans on a plane. They are way cooler than wearing sweatpants when traveling and even better if you wear them with a jersey blazer to give you that “I look like I should be in first class” casual style. 

Wear them casual with a henley or a t-shirt, or an even a slouchy sweater. For a casual mid-week date or meeting the boys at the bar, wear it with a soft washed denim shirt and for a dress to impress night throw on a blazer.



Fashion is ever changing and for the fashion followers that were early adaptors to the modern slim fit it’s time for the “anti-fit”.

warning this is only for the young or young at heart if you wore oversized sweatshirts in the 80’s or 90’s you can not repeat this trend.

The anti-fit is just that; an over-sized or longer top meant to be worn with a shorter cropped bottom. It’s all about playing with volume and proportion for the fashion aware.

Our favorite anti-fit styles this season are from Barney Cools with a selection of buy now wear now sweatshirts and hoodies that provide a great update to your casual wardrobe. The color block detail also makes it look super fresh and fun.

And if you’re into the retro 90’s revival then you are going to love their track jacket for the season, the pink and baby blue number will have you wishing you were wearing a mullet and carrying a ghetto blaster.


So who is Barney Cools? They are also an Australian brand and is actually the passion project from the original Creative Director of Zanerobe. He wanted to make a brand that embodied his lifestyle of fun, surf, fun, music, fun….you get the picture. Almost everyone who works at Barney Cools is also a DJ on the side and they have the support of some key music people who love sporting their brand. Music is such a part of their DNA that they have their own Soundcloud channel that the different guys who work at Barney Cools update often.

At a great price point, Barney Cools is the perfect way to add some trend on items to your wardrobe that have a fun vibe guaranteed to get people asking who is Cools? You are.

Check out the FW17 Barney Cools line up here.