New Office Dress Code - Office Outfit Ideas For 2024



As we transition back to office life five days a week, the world of office fashion is having a significant transformation. Gone are the days of rigid dress codes that prioritize formality over comfort. Instead, a new era has dawned where men embrace soft dressing in comfortable fabrics while women exude power through tailored suits and structured blazers. Let's delve deeper into this exciting evolution in workplace attire with Gotstyle fashion stylists! 

Men's New Dress Code - Soft Dressing

For men, the traditional office uniform of stiff suits and uncomfortable fabrics is becoming a thing of the past. The emphasis now is on comfort without sacrificing professionalism. Soft dressing for men is the answer – a revolution in office attire that combines the sophistication of a blazer with the ease of stretchy, breathable fabrics.


Our Founder Melissa demonstrates a soft dressing ensemble featuring: 

  • Honeycomb Knit Patch Pocket Jersey Blazer in Navy: Crafted from jersey stretch fabric, this blazer offers unparalleled comfort while maintaining a polished appearance. Its wrinkle-free nature makes it ideal for business trips.
  • Basic Jersey Shirt with Kent Collarin White: This stretchy shirt strikes the balance between comfort and formality, ensuring a refined look.
  • Melange Jersey Drawstring Cargo Pants in Navy: These dress joggers redefine office wear, featuring drawstrings for maximum comfort. Tucked in with a belt for a formal look or paired with a hoodie for a relaxed vibe, they offer versatility for any occasion.

Women's New Dress Code - Power Suiting

For women, power suiting is the name of the game. Regardless of position, donning a suit or structured blazer exudes confidence and professionalism. It's about dressing for the job you want and commanding attention with every step. Moreover, suits are incredibly easy to dress in the morning. Just pair a blouse or a t-shirt for office, or you can mix and match with denims, leather leggings or dresses seamlessly creating more casual looks for after hours and weekends. Powerful and versatile, wearing suits is a lifestyle!

Melissa’s Power Suit Look:


Melissa’s choice speaks volumes about commanding presence of power suiting

Made from high-quality soft cotton, this Italian DB suit exudes sophistication in chic burnt orange. Crafted in the same factory as Max Mara, Normeet provides the well-known quality with accessibility. The combination of structured classic DB blazer with modern wide-leg pants is the winning formula for all boss babes!

Lindsay’s Power Suit Look:


Lindsay opted for the Generation Love suit because it emphasizes the shoulders. Let’s dress to own the room, we are ready for business!

You will be obsessed with the functionality of this suit (breathable crepe fabric and functional side pockets) and the faltering silhouette created by the double-button blazer and flared pants. Pair it with a white square neck tank top from Madison for a classic look or go with a rock tee on weekends or over a dress for a date night - the styling possibilities are endless!

The New office Dress Code - Soft Dressing and Power Suiting

So here you have a new office dress code! For men, soft dressing in comfortable fabrics allows for freedom of movement without compromising professionalism. Women, on the other hand, embrace power suiting with tailored ensembles that command attention and exude confidence. Whether it's a jersey blazer or a structured suit, the key is to embrace versatility and style in the workplace. So, as we return to the office, let's redefine office fashion with soft dressing (for men) and power dressing (for women)! 

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