New Grooming Products "by Hackwell" by Pamela!

Gotstyle is proud to launch: by Hackwell!

Designed by our in house grooming specialist Pamela Hackwell, this 7-piece line is Canadian certified organic. These carefully chosen plant extracts were developed over a 6 year period, and designed to target all hair types and skin types. Is that possible? Yes! Simple, pure, healing and rejuvenating.

This unique line honors the beauty of your skin and helps finesse the most beautiful hair design. Drop by and pick up the newest cutting edge certified organic line Homme – men specific!

What happened to the old school barber? He is being replaced by contemporary grooming specialists interested in design and rejuvenation!

  • “Clean Hair + Scalp” Shampoo
  • “Moisturizer Hair + Scalp” Conditioner
  • “Hair Hold” Styling Gel
  • “Hair Shaper” Styling Cream
  • “Hair Texture” Pomade
  • “Clean Face” Face Wash
  • “Face Balm” Face Moisturizer

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