New Arrivals: Rains & Swims

When the weather is cold and wet, the days seem long and trying to look good goes down the drain. At Gotstyle, we totally feel you. We understand that some days it’s hard to look your best. That’s why we’re always thinking about you and make sure we get you the best in protective wear.

Rains hails from Denmark and specializes in rainwear and accessories. It’s a customer favourite because the styles are modern, lightweight and comfortable. The fabric is ultrasonic welded together to ensure waterproofness and all fittings, zippers and trimmings are made of materials optimized for a wet environment. All products are manufactured in factories with more than 15 years of experience with rainwear and quality performance garments. Their line of bags are waterproof and made of the same material their rain jackets are. With modern and clean designs, the bags are versatile and easy to wear from work to travel.

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Rains black raincoat transitional outerwear Rains navy raincoat transitional outerwear Rains grey raincoat transitional outerwear Rains yellow raincoat transitional outerwear

Now when it comes to shoes, invest in a pair of Swims Galoshes. They might look a bit silly straight out of the box but trust us when we say they combine style and practicality. No one wants their favourite shoes to get ruined so protect them with a pair of Galoshes and take them off when you reach your destination. They’re lightweight and easy to store away so you don’t have to lug around another pair of shoes.





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