Netflix and Chill

What to Wear: Netflix and Chill

The days are getting shorter the nights are getting colder and although we as Canadians know how to bundle up for a night out, do you know what to wear to Netflix and chill? Below are 4 key outfits for nights when you're planning on staying in and staying warm.

The Zero Commitment

This is the O.G. hang. You and your boys killing a Saturday afternoon- crushing backlogged episodes of Narcos and making plans for that night. There is no reason to be rocking old boxy sweats and your free intramural t-shirt, even when the boys come over.

What to wear


The Movie and More

By now we all know what ‘Netflix and chill’ means, but that is no excuse not to dress to impress when she comes over. One of our newest brands, Wheelers V, is made with the softest fabric to touch. This will keep her wanting to feel all the right places all night long.

What to wear

Wheelers V-Full Zip Hoodie-FrontWheelers V-Beaman Pocket Tee-1Front Wheelers V-Wheelers Track Pant-Front

The Binge with Bae

If you and your S.O. have been together for a while, ‘Netflix and chill’ for you means a whole different thing. Toss on your loungewear, order enough take out to last you a lifetime and turn on Master of None (our most recent obsession).

What to wear


The Hail Mary

Every guys dream is to have a girl show up at their place in a trench coat, heels and not much else. Why not return the favour (and also put in as little TV viewing time possible) by tossing on a fresh pair of SAXX boxers to greet her at the door. There will be zero mixed messages when she’s picking up what you're packing.

What to wear


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