My night with The Great One and Mr. Hockey

When my top customer Michael Burns mentioned he was doing an exclusive charity event for East General Hospital with hockey legends Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe for 85 guys at a private home, my first response was “can I get involved?”. Happily he said yes, so we put together a great gift bag for the attendees that included a gift certificate for a Made to Measure dress shirt, I was even more excited to get an invite to the event (any chance to mingle with 85 guys and meet some hockey legends is an outstanding night for me!).

The event was to raise money for a Prostate Robotic Surgery program in conjunction with both East General and Sunnybrook Hospital, after all the guests had their picture taken with Wayne and Gordie, we settled into the living room to hear a few speeches then the guests were entertained with hockey stories by Wayne and Gordie. The best line when Gordie was asked what he thought about the controversy regarding hits, his answer was “kill them”, if a guy hits one of your guys on the next shift he’s dead.

Here’s a clip with the guys talking about how they choose their numbers.

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