Motion Ball 2023

Last friday the team got ready and dressed up for the Motionball Gala. Motionball is a national non-profit that empowers young Canadians to be leaders in their communities, raising funds and awareness for Special Olympics through integrated social and sporting events. While there was that huge snowstorm that happened we zipped up our coats, and called the ubers to take us to Liberty Grand. 

getting motionaball ready motionball ready


After wiping off the snow, and going to coatcheck we strutted our stuff to the gala; but after we made a pit stop at the open bar. All the girls and Frankie wore suits by Normeet. Normeet is an Italian made brand suit for women. 

Lester and host with the most Devo Brown were in off the rack suits by Pal Ziliri. Both are gala appropriate because they have a subtle pattern that made them standout from all the plain black suits we saw. If you're going to a gala might as well bring out the big guns and get a fashion forward suit. 

devo brown at motionball
Overall like every year Motionball was a lot of fun and is for a great cause. It's always a fun surprise bumping into friends and clients!  

Christopher Bates at Motionball

Photo's by Dan Nor