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We have been carrying LAB by Pal Zaleri suits for over eight years. Here's why.



Lab is the cooler younger brother of the high end classic Italian suit brand Pal Zileri. 

It's made by people who have suit making in their heritage. A lot of suit brands are made by sportswear companies who make suits on the side. Lab's pedigree is making suits and only suits. 

They have 180 steps to make a jacket alone! Most sportswear companies just don't have that attention to detail when they make their suits. See what goes into making a Pal Zileri suit.




Pal Zileri suits sell for around $2,000, but the LAB by Pal Zileri are priced at less than half of that. While still maintaining their dedication to using high-quality Italian fabric and manufacturing their suits in Europe.




Why sacrifice quality if the price is the same? LAB by Pal Zaleri suits are all "half canvas" construction. 

With half and full canvased suits, you'll always get a better drape. The inside "chest piece" of the suit will start to mold to your body the more you wear it. 

Since many fused suits sell at the same price or higher you're getting a greater value with a half canvas construction suit. 

Your suit will keep shape when you dry clean it and allow for better air circulation. Read more about suit construction here.




LAB was one of the first suit brands to perfect the modern slim suit for the business guy.

They're slim enough to make you look like the CEO when standing up against your boxy suited peers, but not so tight that you look stupid. (You know– those guys are giving "modern fit" a bad name with suits so tight the pants fit like leggings.)  


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LAB by Pal Zaleri Textured Boucle Linen Patch Pocket Blazer $595  

LAB by Pal Zaleri Nailhead Wool Suit $995 

 LAB by Pal Zaleri Polo $245

LAB by Pal Zaleri Textured Boucle Linen Patch Pocket Blazer $595  

LAB by Pal Zaleri Super 130s Glen Plaid Suit $1095 


 LAB by Pal Zaleri Plaid Wool Suit $995 

LAB by Pal Zaleri Solid Stretch Wool Suit $895