Melissa's TIFF Red Carpet Review

The guys are starting to get good at this. Here are some of the best red carpet moments from TIFF:

Jon Hamm plays with patterns – tweed jacket + check shirt + knit tie + patterned pocket square = right on trend for Fall.

Gerard Butler looks great now that he’s slimmed down; he works a tonal check suit (that gives more depth to the fabric) and pairs it with a rose shirt for added punch.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks dapper with a dark brown velvet suit. If you want to stand out in a sea of black, brown velvet gives you the richness and formality of any tuxedo.

Jason Statham has a great daytime look for an afternoon red carpet event. The jacket is trim and short and the lapel has a subtle tipping detail so you can’t mistake it for a boring business suit.

Hugh Dancy adds some style to a basic suit with an unbuttoned shirt and white pocket square. It’s easy to add some style to a suit that fits properly.

Alexander Skarsgard: who else but a Swede would rock the new short double-breasted suit with a super low rise pant (no belt needed). I like how he added a french front shirt to dress up the outfit even more.

Ryan Gosling’s last couple of red carpet outings have been spectacular! Blue and maroon tuxedos from Cannes anyone? He loves to push the envelope in outfits that are cutting edge, yet the average guy could look at and say “I could wear that”. Here is no exception in a Burberry navy suit with unexpected flecks of colour.

Viggo Mortensen’s is wearing a trend I’m loving, bucking the black tuxedo and going for midnight navy. Don’t be afraid to wear black and navy (but only after dark).

George Clooney, need we say more?

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