Melissa's Rant: Prom at the ROM-servations

Went to Prom at the ROM event this weekend, it's a charity fundraiser put on the by the Young Patrons’ Circle (YPC).

Have to say that the women of Toronto know how to bring their “A” game out to an event, tons of great outfits and styling.

Three piece suit from Cinque, $595

As for the men… all I have to say is that for an evening dress up event, wearing your regular business suit or your boxy tuxedo just doesn't cut it anymore. The guys that were well dressed were all wearing clean, trim 2 button suits with a crisp white shirt, dark slim tie and a white pocket square. Trust me this look never gets tired on a guy.

If you do have to attend events in the city please invest in a black "going out" suityou can wear it with the aforementioned white shirt or with a v-neck t-shirt and a pair of running shoes. We have some hot ones by Cinque (see right) and LAB

An evening jacket is also a nice alternative will also work well with dress pants or a slim fit chino. Look for SAND or POP (see below).

As a side noteit was kind of a shame that there were so many great people at the event ready to dance but we were subjected to bad music. Stop it with the top 40 music, we're from the dance generation!

POP at Gotstyle

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