Melissa's Rant: Good Restaurants, Bad Clothing

People ALWAYS notice what you wear. What you wear sends either a positive, negative or neutral message about you. If it only takes a little bit of effort to look better, why wouldn’t you want to always send out a positive message about who you are?

What you SHOULDN'T be wearing.

Went to two new restaurant openings this week; the newly renovated Brassaii on King and the new Boehmer restaurant on Ossington.

The good? Loved the decor in both; sexy yet warm (love the reclaimed wood). Love the concept, eating in a space that invites mingling and conversation with prices that make it easy to eat out. Loved the food at Brassaii, will try Boehmer next week. But hopefully new restaurants realize that for most of us; yes, it’s about the food.

What you SHOULD be wearing.

The bad? Since it was a slightly older crowd….the guys dressed like crap. I know that the salvation of menswear is in the 20 year old guy because he gets the concept of dressing up for a night out (hence why I’ve always liked younger men!) However, some guys in their 30’s and 40’s think it’s still acceptable to dress like how they did in their 20’s. Afflictionated t-shirts with everyday jeans, shapeless blazers with un-tucked shirts, I think I even saw a pair of mom jeans worn with regular running shoes!

It’s time to upgrade your style, guys! And this Spring is a good time to do it, we have some amazing clothing coming in for spring. Nowadays, men’s fashion is not just about looking “fashion-y” it’s about style and looking good, it’s about modernizing the classics or adding the right statement piece, it’s about not being afraid to try something new. There is a revolution that is happening in menswear, are you ready to join?

As a courtesy service, Please feel free to forward this to anyone that is still wearing mom jeans and regular running shoes.

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