Melissa's NYC Buying Trip for Fall 2010: Day 3

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Time to hit the shows! The first one was the ENK NYC show that was in a cool venue that, back in the day (way back), used to be a well known underground nightclub called the tunnel. Heard some stories of what used to happen in the rooms from the sales reps, who used to go there underage 20 years ago!

Found a few great new lines amongst the 110 brands that were showing there:

The Company of We, a collection by two young guys who want to offer fashionable, well priced clothing for fashionistas that can't afford it. They originally started on-line but generated so much buzz that they expanding their collection internationally. We are very excited to have this line in for Fall 2010. The styling is amazing (softly pleated pants with a ribbed bottom, double layered sportcoats) but with prices that will allow you to be a fashion leader without breaking the bank (plus, the collection starts at size XS). Check out an article and slideshow on the NY Mag on The Company of We.

Tailor Vintage is the perfect washed down, comfortable clothing to wear on the weekend. Love the reversible patchwork chinos (the new walk of shame pants!). Picked up a hot new line of bracelets from M. Cohen (the sexy designer helped sell me on it!) that are all hand made and will be coming in for Spring.

Also connected with Rory from Sharps Barber (who happens to be a Canadian and also from the Maritimes!) so we will be bringing the product line into the store for Spring. See their website here.

I wandered the show for a few more hours, it's always about finding the next big brand or cool items for my customers.

After the trade show ended, ENK was having a party at this new venue called Spin NYC – it's a hipster ping pong hall (co-owned by Susan Sarandon) that has bleachers, drinks, food, great music and about a dozen ping pong tables! By the way, Susan is my personal hero, she is 60-something years old and is dating the the other owner of Spin who is 31!!

At the end of the night, me and my girls bar hopped to each of the Thompson Hotels (left) – can't wait for them to open in T.O.!

Ended up having omelets and frites at 4am at Pastis (right).

Keep an eye out for Day 4, out next week! You can also see Melissa's tweets while on her buying trip on our Twitter page.

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