Melissa at the Thompson Hotel Opening

Downstairs bar that leads into the ballroom.

Thompson rooftop pool with a stunning view of Toronto.

Having just come back from Montreal’s Grand Prix, I was very disappointed with The Thompson Hotel opening. Not of the hotel itself (which is stunning by the way), but it’s an opening of the start of (what I hope will be) a sophisticated hotel scene that is lacking in Toronto. But you couldn’t tell that by the way some of the guys were dressed… short sleeve plaid shirts and jeans, shorts and t-shirts, boxy 3 button suits with jacket sleeves that are too long.

There were a few guys who made an effort – slim fit cotton suits in light blue and beige, a flash of red and orange loafers, henley’s worn under a black suit with a white pocket square, and even a few scarves, but in general it was piss poor.

Of course, the ladies looked great as they made an effort and dressed up. I really think if we want the men of Toronto to start dressing better we have to start rewarding and scolding – so if you see a guy who is dressed up well tell him, take a picture and send it to me (so I can post it on here). And at the same time if you see guys who are totally under-dressed for an occasion, say, “Really? You have to ruin your good looks with such a under whelming outfit?”

Some guys with style.

Front lobby that leads into the Scarpetta restaurant

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