Why Made-To-Measure with Neale and Maxim

Variety is often referred to as the spice of life; we come in all shapes and sizes- and at Gotstyle so does suiting. Thanks to the skill of our Made-to-Measure tailor and a massive library of fabrications (all British or Italian), common problems with fit are fixed with precision. GS staff members Neale (with one slightly longer leg) and Max (who won't buy off the rack for many reasons) worked with Konstantine to address their specific issues. The result was custom suiting that lent their unique frames perfect proportion. It's power disguised as clothing.


“Many people go the MTM route because they may have certain body concerns, for me it’s quite simple- I’m just extremely picky. When it comes to my suits, I’m very specific on the type of fit, cut, style I’m looking for. Needless to say I rarely, if ever find a off-the-rack suit that works for me without some serious alterations. With the made-to-measure process I have the ability to customize every inch of my suit, giving me the ultimate creative freedom to create my perfect suit.” – Maxim


“Having worked in the menswear industry for years I’ve realized that made-to-measure is the only way to go for me. I have tried off-the-rack and always find that I end up spending as much in alterations as I do on my suits. I have prominent shoulder blades, a fuller chest, a larger seat (code for ass) but a trim waist and to top it off I apparently have one leg slightly longer than the other. Do tell me what off-the rack suit is going to fit me? None. My made-to-measure suits are by far one of my best investments. They feel like a second skin and move with me, whether I’m standing, sitting, walking or tearing up dance floor.”  Neale

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