Made-To-Measure Trunk Show: Take Suiting Seriously

September is your lucky monthit's Made-to-Measure time at GS. Our program is insane; an authentically custom, super advanced process where all aspects of suiting are to clients' exact taste, body type and specifications. With Konstantine's unmatched talent, individual style is making a major Toronto comeback. We dare you to go back to off-the-rack after attire like this.



Meet Our Master Tailor: Konstantine Malishevski

Master craftsman Konstantine Malishevski's intensity for his chosen profession is unmatched. The native Ukrainian (who speaks the precise English of old) is an encyclopedia on the subject of tailoring, effortlessly rocking any discussion on the finer points of suiting, fabrics and finishes.

His experience is ultra varied, interesting, and runs from running his own atelier to textile buying to executing unparalleled made-to-measure services. After completing two-and-a-half years of study (plus a two year internship) at one of the most prestigious institutes in his home countryeight months of which were devoted to learning to sew by hand, Konstantine relocated to Canada. Retailers were soon captivated by his unique skills, seriously rare in the North American market.

Konstantine's grasp of technical construction would impress anyone on Savile Row. He describes himself as "old- school, but hip" and champions longevity and personal style in suiting. He always works collaboratively, communicating with clients, recognizing that their participation is key to the success of GS's MTM program. The end result defines perfectionon a completely individual level.


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