Made-To-Measure BushmillsxGotstyle Dine and shop

Last week we had the privilege of hosting some stylish guests for a 30 person dine and shop event in collaboration with Bushmills Whiskey. Whiskey has always been synonymous with style and fashion, and with it's grain-to-glass distillation process, Bushmills offers an authentic, tailor-made quality to their whiskeys. For Bushmills, the 'made-to-measure' man dresses with the same precision and intention, and understands their own signature style and how to own it.
Dine and Shop
No one understands the idea behind ‘made-to-measure’ quite like
Natasha Espinoza, head of the custom suit division at Gotstyle. With
over 15 years of experience, Natasha specializes in fashion as a form of


The night started with a simple whiskey cocktail paired with a look Natasha styled that encapsulated the history and feel of the featured cocktail. Guests sat down for a 4 course meal prepared by a close friend, Andrew Smith. Each meal was paired with a whiskey cocktail prepared by talented Jared Boller who is a National Whiskey Ambassador. As guests enjoyed the drinks models styled by Natasha walked around the table to showcase each look. The guest list included Canadian influencers, stylists, writers for Sharp magazine, GQ, and View The Vibe to name a few. 

Dine and Shop 4 course meal

The night ended with a cheers, some socializing, and a gift bag for guests to come back. As the first real social event for many of the guests after months of being locked down, the event went very smooth. Like a chilled glass of whiskey. To see more photos of the event click here. To learn more about our Dine-and-Shop or to book one for your company/ group of friends click here.