Eidos Napoli: What "Made In Italy" Really Looks Like.

Channel the Italian jet-set and inherent chic of the green, white and red. Eidos, carried exclusively in Canada by GS, is made for the man who appreciates the essence of true style- clothes with soul. Steeped in a rich heritage of quality, the brand's impressive range faultlessly addresses the current state of suiting- dressed up, but in an easy, effortless way. Their textile of choice- an impeccable full-canvas, for contemporary Fellini-esque looks that stroll the cobblestones or rule the concrete jungle.


Meet Antonio Ciongoli, Creative Director Of Eidos Napoli




It’d be wrong to label Eidos as Isaia’s younger brother. Yes, the two brands happen to be owned by the same Neapolitan firm but each has a distinct POV (and you, know, price point) on how a man wears tailored clothing. At Eidos, that direction is coming into sharper focus next season as creative director Antonio Ciongoli revealed the brand’s newest goods at Pitti Uomo this week….read more.GQ


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