Luca Vero: Shoes Built For Comfort

We’ve been carrying Canadian shoe brand Luca Vero for a couple years now:

Luca Vero was born from Farag’s realization that fashionable, high-end shoes didn’t offer much in the way of foot support. He changed the rules and started making high-end shoes that were all comfortable and offer foot support.

Not only should you give your feet proper support, but many develop foot issues like fallen arches, heel spurs, and back pain. Comfortable footwear is no longer limited to running shoes; thanks to Luca Vero’s built-in comfort system, men can be both stylish and comfortable. The trademarked “comfort sock” is made of special medical-grade memory foam developed specifically for Luca Vero. After being wrapped in leather, the shoe remains fully breathable.

Basically, they’re comfortable, handmade, good-for-your-feet shoes that compliment well with your suits and a jeans/blazer combo.

The sleek, leather sole found on most Luca Vero shoes are based on European fashion. All shoes are hand-crafted, hand-dyed, all leather, and always feature amazing details. We love the leather sole, something not often seen on shoes. They’re breathable, natural, and last longer than synthetic soles. One of the many benefits of owning a pair of Luca Vero’s.

We’ve got a great selection of Luca Vero in store, like the brogues pictured below. Maybe you need comfort, maybe you want to take proper care of your feet to prevent pain; either way you should definitely come in and try on a pair!

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