Locals Only: NOY



He’s tapped into the pulse of the city’s burgeoning art scene, drawing style & inspiration from unique global tastes and applying them here in Toronto. We sat down with Noy to discuss his style, music, and outlook on the local vibe.  

Who is Noy?

I’m a musician, producer, and singer-songwriter. I also curate events in the city. People know me for my style.

What lead you towards music?

It started as a hobby, I went to an art school and was doing theatre. While in high school I had a band. After university I decided to start producing. I always knew this is what I wanted to do.

How would you describe your personal style?

Edgy, high fashion. I’m into clothing brands like April 77 and Saint Laurent, but I also love vintage pieces.

Noy is wearing: Individual Birdseye chino in gray $170.00, Selected Homme SS Cuban shirt $65.00, Andersons Stretch Woven Belt $160, Seaward and Stern Pocket Square $75, No brand Colour Block Brogue Shoe $260.

What matters to you when putting together a look?

Both colours and textures are important. Uniqueness and individuality are also key. I like to think of shopping as curation. I’m super selective with the pieces I buy, so when I get dressed I don’t need to try so hard — I filter it down so all the things that I have are things that work. If it’s in my closet I just go with it.

What epitomizes great personal style to you?

Uniqueness for sure. And being bold. I love people who are bold when it comes to fashion. Fashion represents visually who you are as a person. If you’re too safe with your style it reflects on your personality. If you dress confident and be yourself that says to me that you bring passion to what you do. 

Noy is wearing: J.Lindeberg Linen band collar shirt $225, J.Lindeberg Wimbledon short-short $175, Andresons Stretch woven leather belt $198, Gotstyle - Brogue Derby suede dress shoe $295

Who are your style inspirations in music?

The Migos definitely have an interesting style. Jidenna. Solange. SZA. And of course A$AP Rocky. I’m drawn to them because their styles are vibrant and loud. They’re not afraid to be edgy. They mix rock and roll with urban styles — it’s like a modern ‘70s look. They can take high-end pieces and own them. And with Rocky, I like how he’s doing collabs and making them affordable so younger kids can get into the style.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Wizkid, and a lot of Brazilian artists: Roberto Carlos, Ivete Sangalo. I’m Portuguese so I like the Brazilian culture. They tell stories and are really good love writers. When you listen to them they make you understand their feelings and where they’re coming from. With me being here in North America I need that inspiration. I don’t speak Portuguese every day, so I can go to them to see how they do things and be inspired. Learning from your elders is definitely key.

Noy is wearing: Individual Perforated knit open polo $145, Vitaly SUA pendant necklace $50

How would you describe the vibe of Toronto to someone not from here? What makes the city special?

Dark. The music that comes from here is slow, like a foggy night. It’s vibey and moody. People here are savages. Nobody else lives like how we live in Toronto. We’re a rockstar city. We don’t sleep, we party like crazy. That reflects in the music for sure. 

Do you see yourself staying here long term?

Definitely. But I like to travel a lot. LA, Miami, Brazil, and Angola are places that you’ll see me as well. That’s where I take my inspiration from. In terms of my home base, it’s here in Toronto.

Noy is wearing: Individual Birdseye chino in gray $170.00, Selected Homme SS Cuban shirt $65.00, Andersons Stretch Woven Belt $160, Seaward and Stern Pocket Square $75, No brand Colour Block Brogue Shoe $260.

Why is Toronto’s music scene so hot right now?

Because of the different vibes. Toronto is about vibes and has such a wide source of inspiration. You can draw inspiration from everywhere. There’s a lot of Jamaica, dancehall, and Caribbean inspiration here. We have our own culture that hasn’t always been exposed to the world. But now that it’s being exposed and is so different, people are connecting with it. Toronto has always been a very talented city, but now people are finally giving Canadians the recognition of being great artists. You used to need to be from the states to get noticed. Now that some big artists have opened the door for music in Canada people are starting to listen and see that there’s something here. There was a point in the last year where the top 5 Billboard songs were all from Canadian artists. People are seeing there’s gold in Canada. 

When it comes to dating and relationships, what do you look for?

Fashion is definitely important. I like somebody who has great personal style. If we’re a couple you’re representing me and I’m representing you. I like someone who has an edge and their own personal identity. Ambition is very important. And creativity — it doesn’t matter their outlet, but creativity is key. I’m drawn to women who have traveled. Traveling is so important to find yourself. When someone is well traveled I feel like they have a stronger and more unique view of themselves and the world. I want to spend my time with people that are happy and take a positive outlook. And someone who likes to party and have fun. 

What does the future hold for you?

I’m going to be finishing up my LP. Writing a lot of music for other artists as well. I’ll be traveling and touring in the next year. Somewhere down the line I also want to start my own clothing line, and hopefully in the future open a restaurant as well.

Nilly Noy

Noy is wearing: Gotstyle Light Blue Solid Suit $395, Lab by Pal Zileri Slim Tuxedo shirt $165, Gotstyle Wool pocket square $45, Gotstyle Brogue Derby Navy Suede Dress Shoe $295.

What do you envision as the aesthetic for your clothing line?

That’s something I’ll think about when the time comes. It’ll be a reflection of who I am as a person and as an artist. 

Tell me about the restaurant.

It’ll be Portuguese, Angolan, Brazilian. I love cooking and feeding people. It’s one of my favourite things to do. Food is better when you share. A lot of my friends haven’t traveled to the places I have — I love showing people what I grew up with and sharing experiences through food. Cooking brings me back and reminds me of my family. It’s a good way to cope with stress and share culture with the people that are close to you. 

What can people look forward to when the LP drops?

A lot of dancing and good vibes. 

Where can the people find you online?

Instagram // SoundCloud // YouTube

Photographer: Devon Wong // Stylist: Tia Katz // Studio Space Vucoartspace