Lindsay's Style Tip: Love Your Skin

Usually we talk about style being in your closet, but skin is also a huge part of personal style. Winter makes having healthy skin tricky for a lot of men. Dry heat, blustery winds, cold temperatures, and shaving all come together to make one dry, flaky, bumpy face. Invest in some skin care that’s made for men, in under five minutes every day your skin (and suit) will thank you.

We’re lucky enough have Pamela Hackwell, our barber extraordinaire with over 15 years of men’s hair styling under her belt. She also happens to have her own line of organic skin care products for men. Often, all it takes is the proper face cleanser and a good moisturizer.

Face moisturizer $46
Shave balm $50
Face wash $45
Shave cream $50
Pre-shave oil $40

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