Light Weight Sweaters from John Varvatos


So my dreams for a late summer have been dashed... it’s been dropping down to 13 degrees at night and it’s August! Waah!

But knowing that Winter is coming, even if there is a chill in the air I’m still trying to hit as many patios as I can, while I can. The secret to cool nights and not complaining? Being prepared!

If you're going out in a t-shirt or Henley (did I mention that the John Varvatos Henleys are perfect for this transitional weather) grab a light weight sweater or hoodie. 

If you’re not ready to go full sweater yet, a denim shirt is also a great layering piece.

Even better, get your hands on the “like butter” caramel leather biker jacket… you will not want to share this item with anyone, but you will have people touching you all night.

As you drink your frosty beverage under the stars you’ll be comfortable enough to enjoy the whole night outside. Another bonus? The ladies not dressed appropriately for 13-degree patio weather. You’ll be the super star when you offer her your sweater. Just make sure to get it back!

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