Last Minute Christmas Ideas (for the Guys!)

It’s December 21st – just the time for guys to go into panic mode about Christmas presents!

Here are some great last minute ideas from a females perspective:

1. You can never go wrong with shoes, but think sexy not comfort (no woman wants to be given comfortable shoes).

2. Love of Mine Boutique on Queen St is my go-to to buy amazing jewelry for women. Doesn’t break the bank, but looks like you spend time trying to find her something special! Also check out Elle Hardware on Queen.

3. Quality time is what most women want from their guy, so do a special night in package:
• Get some popcorn, high-end hot chocolate, two mugs and her favorite chick flick movie in a gift basket for a movie night in.
• Bubble bath, scented candle, massage oil and a bottle of champagne wrapped with a fuzzy towel or cozy robe.

4. Date night out:
• Plan a date around the city: buy her a scarf and go skating at the Harbourfront. Buy her a book by her favorite painter and have an afternoon and lunch at the AGO. Or buy her a BLO certificate to get her hair done, then dinner out.
• Plan different activities around certain neighbourhoods in the city that you never go to (I never leaved the King/Queen West hood). Yorkville: Drinks at Panorama, VIP movie at the Bloor Cinema then dinner at Caren’s Wine and Cheese bar. East-end: Visit St. Lawrence Market, then cook what you bought.

Do you have any tips for the guys in panic mode this week?

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