Khakis are the New Denim

Haven't you heard? Khakis are the new denim, and if you haven't already, you should consider hopping on the bandwagon too.

First, lets look at the origins of the khaki, courtesy of GQ:

Khakis got their start as military kit among British colonial units stationed in sandy wastes, where their color worked as camouflage. Soon they became standard issue in any respectable military force with designs on global conquest. After World War II, their good looks brought them, as surplus, to widespread civilian use and manufacture.

While khakis have seen many minor adjustments over the past few decades (I'm looking at you, pleats), the most recent style change involves the most repeated yet important word on our blog: FIT. Details provides a great break down of what you should look for in a khaki pant:

LENGTH: Chinos that hit at the ankle work just as well as those that break slightly at the hem. However, too much of anything is never good. If your pants bunch around your ankles like crushed paper bags, see a tailor.
CUT: By now you know to avoid pleats. To up your game with khakis you'll need to focus on fit. Straight-leg varieties are the most conventional and comfortable, while slim-cut versions, with a slightly low rise, are the most modern. Both types should skim your hips, and the fly should sit naturally.
CUFFS: When rolling up your khakis you'll want to strike a balance between a cuff that looks unstudied and one that looks neat. Make them about an inch wide, fold them over two or three times, then scrunch them until they appear slightly uneven.

Apolis Activism (pictured above) is one of our recent eco-friendly additions to the store, and their khaki pants are a great item to start with. Worn a little more loose while still maintaining a modern cut, it has slant pockets, including a small one for coins. The construction is 100% cotton so it's easier to breathe through during the spring and summer months. $179.

Dr. Denim (pictured right) is another khaki alternative at the store – this time with a slimmer fit (read: not skinny). This khaki has a feel that is closer to denim than the Apolis Activism chinos, but is also 100% cotton and breathable. $135.

Looking for ideas on how to pair them up with your casual clothes? GQ has a great six image slideshow that can open your options up. You could easily wear these outfits with a pair of jeans, and they look even better with khakis.

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