Joa on World Cup: For the World Cup Novice

With Mexico tying up the first match of World Cup 10 minutes from full time (what a memorable goal by Siphiwe Tshabalala for South Arica!), the city is buzzing in excitement. For those who are interested in the World Cup but haven’t had the time to really break down the who’s who in the tournament, here’s a guide to get you started.

Fun Teams to Watch
The most exciting teams to watch out for are Argentina, Spain, Brazil, the African teams, and Mexico. They always attack in matches.

The Big Players to Pretend You Know All About
Lionel Messi (Argentina), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Wayne Rooney (England), Robinho (Brazil), Arjen Robben (Holland), Franck Ribery (France)

TV Channels to Order this Month
TLN for some funny Spanish commentator, CBC, TSN, and if you’re at work! Check out the games from 10am to 2pm.

Websites to Bookmark,,

Places to watch the World Cup in Toronto
Queen & Beaver
Football Factory
Brazen Head
School Cafe
For the Passive Follower: Gretzky’s – especially if you want to watch while having a pint (sorry if I’m wrong!)
For the Rowdy Fans: Any bars on St Clair, Dufferin, College, Dundas West – remember to wear a neutral shirt!

Stay tuned for details on a really cool game-day at the Mod Club two Sundays from now!

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