Joa on World Cup 2010: The Bets

Who is your pick for the World Cup?

Well, I think Brazil has the best chances – but the dark forces will help England and Spain to maximize their talent. It’s probably between Spain and England (but truthfully I think Brazil is going to win).

What will be the biggest surprise in the World Cup?

The ball. This ball really sucks – if you ever played with this ball, it’s unreal. It bounces a lot and as you kick, it gains a lot of speed. Players will have a really hard time controlling the ball, getting passes, timing, and kicking. That being said, it will give an edge to teams that do not have a technical experience. Teams with finesse characteristics will suffer most from it.

Biggest upset?

France & Argentina – their coaches are their worst enemy and might get knocked out by smaller teams.

What is your dream scenario in the World Cup?

England playing against Portugal in the quarter finals and ends in penalty kicks. With the last kick by Cristiano Ronaldo, he’ll go to the crowd to yell at them to shut up. Then Portugal moves on to the semi-finals against Brazil, only to get knocked out. And Dundas/Dufferin will have their quietest day ever.

Places to watch the World Cup in Toronto

Queen & Beaver
Football Factory
Brazen Head
School Cafe
For the Passive Follower: Gretzky’s – especially if you want to watch while having a pint (sorry if I’m wrong!)
For the Rowdy Fans: Any bars on St Clair, Dufferin, College, Dundas West – remember to wear a neutral shirt!

Start your team rivalries & leave some tips in the comments below.

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