Jason Markk: The Ultimate Shoe Cleaner

There's something to be said about a clean pair of shoes. They take you back to when you first bought them, that distinct sentiment of when they shone on your feet... all fresh and clean. They are an essential part of any man's ensemble and some go as far as to declare that the state of one’s shoes, is a reflection of one’s personality. Now sure, shoes are meant to be worn, but that doesn't mean they have to look, well-worn! If you’re an avid collector you probably know about Jason Markk, if not get to know it because there is truly nothing like it on the market. Don’t just give up on your dirty Jordans (or those Lanvin tennis sneakers), breath new life into your old favourites with a touch of JM.


  1. Dip brush into bowl of water
  2. Apply liberal amount of solution to brush
  3. Dip brush back into bowl of water
  4. Scrub shoes creating foaming action
  5. Wipe clean with cloth or towel, repeat steps 1-5 as needed
  6. Air dry


Jason Markk Quick Wipes are the perfect way to keep your kicks looking fresh while you’re on the go! Conveniently sized and individually packaged- keep them in your bag, backpack, car or even your pocketyou never know when you might need one! Quick, easy and effective.

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