It's Time to Show Some Knee!

Summer is almost here and it’s time…’s time to get over your boxy, too long, past the knee board shorts and start wearing shorts like a man. You heard us, it’s time to show some knees. I know some guys are scared of showing them but trust us you look WAAAY better when you wear a trimmer short versus the ones that make you look like a hobbit (and it doesn’t matter how tall you are, long shorts make all men look like hobbits!)

In the store now:

Original Paperbacks from California, organically dyed and super soft finishing. Great to bring in some color and fun after a long winter. Two different lengths to choose from $110

Loft 604 a new Canadian brand offering a longer short (but still at knee length) with a fun roll-up and a slouchy khaki short. $85

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