How To Wear Shorts

Gotstyle stylists discuss four common questions guys have regarding shorts. They’ll answer the most common questions like how low to go, and what to wear them with.

1. True or False
The bigger you are, the bigger your shorts need to be?

This is where an few extra inches of length and width won't come in handy. Hiding behind extra fabric can actually add weight. Look for a short that is straight through the leg for a thigh trimming effect.


2. How short should I go?

Every guy will have their own preferred short length. It’s a comfort thing. It also depends on your height and proportions. If you’ve got long legs you’re gonna be able to pull off the mid thigh. If you’re new to the idea of baring those knees start with above the knee length. The difference will make you a believer!

above-the-knee mid-thigh-shorts upper-thigh

3. What's the deal with shoes & socks?

You've got the updated shorts, now what do you wear below? Sandals– an obvious option. We recommend you reach for these, instead of your old flip flops. Shorts can also be worn with sneakers, loafers, or boat shoes. The rule here is your socks should never be visible. Opt for “no show” socks like these that look like you're going bare without the sweaty smelly aftermath.

john-varvatos-sandals john-varvatos-shoes lacoste-sneaker lacoste-white-sneaker swims tiger-of-sweden-shoes

4. Besides a T-shirt, what else do I wear with shorts?

Always throwing on that cotton t-shirt is easy but can get boring. Update your casual tee shirt with a polo, or dress up shorts with a t-shirt and a linen blazer.


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