3 Ways To Wear Pink For Men

As the sun is shining and the weather is rising, it's time to wear some colourful clothes. You don't want to wear many dark colours as it will attract the heat and you'll end up looking like a lobster. With the Barbie movie coming out, and all these festivals happening the go-to colour right now is pink! We know pink is a scary colour for most guys, but we styled some looks incorporating pink. Here are 3 different looks that can inspire you on how to wear pink. 

Look 1: Ease it in

incorporating pink into your work wear how to wear pink for men

Now we aren't saying dive in and start wearing everything pink. But slowly add it in to your everyday wear. Instead of a dark navy, grey, or white shirt try replacing it with a pink. Pink is a great colour because you can pair it with the classic navy denim's or grey suits. Also using a blazer help it water down the pink for the people who are more conservative with their style palette. As you can see with this look it looks more summery and cooler. It's patio season and this look will make you the coolest guy on the deck.

Blazer: Windowpane Check Patch Pocket Jersey Blazer - Off-White
Polo: Stone Washed Cotton Polo - Pink
Pants: Stretch Paper Cotton Pants - Indigo - Available in store 

Look 2: Remix a good classic

Wearing pink with a suit

Like we mentioned in the last look you can add in pink to your classic navy or grey suits. If you got any outdoor weddings, or daytime functions pink is a great way to freshen up your look. In this look the pink shirt brightens up the grey suit, and makes it look completely different than your classic white shirt and brown belt. Also if you're known for being the life of the party, and the fun uncle you might as well dress like it, and this colour is a nod to that trait.  

Suits: Available in store. Coming online soon. 

Look 3: 2 in the pink

Wearing pink for men

how to wear pink for guys

Now this is for the advanced styled man. You're making pink the main star of your outfit. But also you're practical while doing it. It's Spring so it can get windy and chilly in a blink of an eye. Using this bright but warm sweater will do the trick. When it does get sunny and warm you can use this sweater as an accessory by tying it around your neck, like the rich polo player you are. Play with the different hues of pink so the look is more cohesive rather than a loud visual bang. To balance out the pink we used this navy pant to ground it. Think of it like business at the bottom, party on the top. 

Sweater: Textured Coral Pattern Crew Sweater - Pink 
Polo: Pima Cotton Jersey Polo - Butter
Pants: Bold Stripe Elastic Waist Pant - Navy/White

Adding Pink To Your Wardrobe

Those are 3 different way you can wear pink for men. Hope you found this helpful, and sparked some style inspirations. It's 2023 so that means pink isn't just for women and these 3 looks prove that. If wear pink make sure you tag us on instagram @gotstylemen