How To Style Your Hair: 1 Cut 4 Ways

Ever wake up and have no clue how to handle your manly mane? Well, thanks our resident barber extraordinaire Pamela Hackwell we bring you this great editorial designed to teach you how to get 4 distinct looks from just one cut. From daytime casual to black-tie sheek, here’s how to get the most out of your hair cut.


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Easy Rider (or "toss those curls")

How to get the look: Towel dry to start. In the palm of your hand take 1/3 Hair Hold and 2/3 Hair Shaper (size of a quarter) spread all over palms and massage into hair. Toss hair into position and allow to dry. DO NOT TOUCH until almost completely dry. Then rake fingers through hair to loosen it up for height and softness. DO NOT over tweak or you will end up with fuzz.



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Man Up (or "elevation and direction")

How to get the look: Towel dry to start. Take a quarter-sized amount of Hair Hold, rub it between palms and apply to your hair. Starting at the crown take 1-inch sections and hold straight up while blow-drying each section. This creates elevation. Then apply Pomade to create the desired amount of texture and direction. Always start with a dime-sized amount warmed between the fingers and then raked through the hair.

**For extra texture take random pieces of hair and give a 1/2 rotation.



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Safe Bet (or "you can’t go wrong with the side part")

How to get the look: Towel dry to start. Create your side part with the help of a finger comb. If you are going to blow dry, apply a little Hair Hold to keep hair in place. Otherwise, comb hair into place and allow to dry naturally. About 3/4 of the way, rub a dime sized amount of Hair Shaper into palms and apply to hair for light texture and more control. If you have a lot of hair, you might want to use Pomade to secure the part.



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Slick Dick (or "drive handsome home")

How to get the look: Towel dry to start. To lock your hair in place apply a quarter sized amount of Hair Hold to your hair, slick back and blow dry until completely dry. Many guys often make the mistake of applying product to the hair when damp and flying out the door only to find that when the hair finally dries it refuses to stay put. For a dry slick take a dime sized amount of Hair Shaper, rub into palms and run over top of hair to position. If you prefer the wet look, take a quarter-sized amount of Pomade, rub into palms and run completely through your hair. For a "natural" look use your hands. But the crisp, classic slick is best achieved by using a fine toothcomb.

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