How To Roll Your Sleeves and Pants

Rolling is a true art- Gotstyle wants to help you master it. Our style tutorial features Melissa (queen of the cuff), with a demonstration on how to properly roll shirt-sleeves and pants. Why is this significant to your life? Because the devil is in the details and you always want to look your best. Rolling sleeves correctly enables a show-off of the hip contrast cuff and lends the same cred as the Milanese street style icons who’ve embraced their ankles. Acquire this simple skill and you’ll wonder how you lived any other way. Consider the bowtie. Do your own and the pre-tie is a thing of the past.

Our short video tutorial shows just how simple it is to display the high style contrast cuffs. Rolling also adds subtle finesse to attire and allows for cool- even in the high heat of the season.


The Shirt Sleeve Roll Up

Step 1- Undo placket button(s) and fold up to the elbow
Step 2- Fold again halfway, covering half of the cuff
Step 3- For the third fold, halve again to show lining (or fold completely over if the cuff has no detail)

*Ensure sleeves are pushed past the elbow to display the forearm. Look dapper and wait for compliments to roll in.

The Pant Leg Roll Up

Step 1- Fold lengthwise at hem to tighten loose material
Step 2- Roll slightly haphazardly, to just above the anklebone

*Socks cannot be showing- invest in hidden socks to avoid sweating in shoes. Channel the chicest of Italian gentlemen.



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