How To Rock A Vest

We find it surprising that more men don’t wear vests given its immense versatility. At their most basic of functions they help keep that tummy tucked in, offering that clean “controlled” sillouette that every man secretly loves. On the other hand, when worn appropriately a vest can truly transform any common outfit to front cover street style. The rules of wearing a vest are as diverse as one’s personal style, as we’ve showcased they can be work formally as a 3-piece suit or broken up with jeans, chinos, denim shirts, cardigans and sportcoats.

Here are four looks that showcase the various ways you can rock a vest this season.

How To Wear A Vest 4

Vito Talor Linen Vest: $78
Loft 604 Merino Wool Cardigan: $335 Shop Now
Nudie Jeans Tape Ted Jean: $249
Sand Shirt: $225

How To Wear A Vest 3

Gotstyle Grey Check 3-Piece Suit: $798
Seaward and Stearn Tie: $135 Shop Now
Circle Of Gentlemen Pocket Square: $45
Gotstyle Private Label Shirt: $165

How To Wear A Vest 1

Hilton Alpaca Wool Coat: $1398 Shop Now
Ted Baker Paisley Shirt: $198 Shop Now
Gotstyle Vest: $198

How To Wear A Vest 2

Marco Nils Denim Shirt: $140 Shop Now
Gsus Herringbone Double Breasted Vest: $165 Shop Now
Vito Speckled Tweed Blazer: $140 Shop Now

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