How to redecorate during a lockdown with Ryan Martin

We reconnected with our friend Ryan Martin from Croma design. Croma design consists of a group of designers passionate about making each interior be the best it can be here in Toronto. We first introduced our GOTSTYLE readers to Mr. Martin back in 2016 where we asked him about Canadian design and designers (you can read a little bit of that interview below this one). 2020 threw all of us through a loop (and I'm saying that lightly). We thought it would be the perfect time to ask Ryan how to redecorate with more (local) design into their homes since most of us have been staying home for days on end. Continue reading to see some design inspiration and great ideas for a new interior look. 

What's a way for people to redecorate or spruce up a space in their homes without it being a big construction site?

  • If nothing else, replace your light fixtures. A new chandelier will have a big impact without wreaking absolute havoc. Updating that ugly flush mount fixture in your spare room will make you wonder why you didn’t do it years ago. Fresh wall sconces will let you see yourself in a new, and hopefully more flattering light.
croma designed kitchen

    In our last article for us back in 2016 we asked about some of your favourite Canadian designers Yabu, Bev Hissey, and EQ3. Are there any other Canadian designers/companies you suggest for our readers to support to make their home a little more Canadian? 

    • Absolutely. Anything from “Mjolk Made” will add some pure and clean elements to your home. Mjolk’s eye for materials really reflect the abundance of nature Canada is synonymous with. 

    Mjolk made shelf

    • The guys at  Coolican & Co. continue to inspire us with their incredible small batch craftsmanship. 
    coolican and co vases
    • If you’re looking for something with a modern bent, check out Kroft. Kroft makes furniture and objects with Canadian values in mind: stylish, high-quality and with the respect of customers in mind. 
    kroft modern stool

    Are there any Canadian interior design trends you see happening in 2021?

    • If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that home is our haven. We don’t see that awareness stopping anytime soon, and are noticing a lot more requests for multifunctional spaces that promote cleanliness, offer comfort, promote a sense of identity, and are easy on the environment. With all that in mind, expect to see interiors that are very personalized that don’t necessarily subscribe to a pre-set notion of what a house should be. Your home should work for you!

    What are some DIY ideas or projects people can do during a lockdown?

    • Lockdown, and pick up a paint brush.

    Does your interior design style differ from your fashion style? In what ways? 

    • I would say that my own style differs from Croma’s design aesthetic in that it’s a truer reflection of myself. When designing for a client, we’re always striving to create a space that reflects the client, the building, and a whole number of other things. Whereas when I’m getting dressed, I don’t really have anyone or anything else to consider. There are similarities though, especially when it comes to choosing pieces that will stand the test of time.
    croma designed livin groom

      Kathryn, a Designer on your team labels you as the 'resident king of dad jokes', what's your favourite dad joke to tell? 

      • How about a roof joke? It’s on the house.

      And for further information. How would you like people to contact you if they want to hire you and your team?

      We want to thank Ryan for his expertise on this topic and informing us to make lockdown a little more prettier. To be the first to know about our new articles, promotions, and styling tips sign up for our weekly newsletter here.  


      Part of the 2016 interview


      Why do you think Canadian design is so strong right now? 

      This may just be the tip of the Canadian design iceberg. Organizations such as Canada Council for the arts, design exchange, capital IDS and capital IDS West, have been working tirelessly to find and Foster our talent, and it seems are well's run deep. 
      Canadians like drake, Justin Bieber and the weekend have been taking center stage in pop culture. Are we seeing anything similar with Canadian interior designer's?
      Absolutely. It's not just homes and business on our own soil reaping the benefit. Luxury hotels, restaurants, bars and stores across the globe have all been designed by a homegrown talent. Should you find yourself checking into the Waldorf Astoria Beijing or browsing the racks at Printemps department store in Paris for example, you're doing so in a space design by Canadians. 
      Names becoming known including British Columbia born Martha sturdy, who creates furniture and accessories that incorporate materials reflective of the Canadian landscape, and has done so for Louis Vuitton, Saks, Bergforf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Four seasons. 
      Tell us a bit about Croma Design.
      We enjoy creating spaces that are clean and timeless. You believe in simplicity, and in using high quality goods and materials. Ours is a multidisciplinary design firm, meaning that we work on residential and commercial projects alike. Our clients include those looking for interiors that are both functional and inspiring.