How to impress the in-laws

It's Thanksgiving time, which is usually the holiday before Christmas where you see your extended family, and for some lucky ones the chance to meet your partners parents. Aka judgement day. Whoever you are meeting you are getting judged (especially if you have siblings who lovingly make fun of you). We compiled a few looks and some tips that will make you stylish and ready for the turkey dinner. 

City Boy
Hoe to dress for the holidays

This is the "ooo Mr.Big shot who lives in the city" - Said by younger sister.
The caramel turtleneck, red jersey blazer, with stretch plaid pant will definitely have people whisper "Who is THAT?!" Any colour that isn't navy, or black will have people think that you are a fashion model. Fall is about warm tone colours that don't scream neon or vibrant.  This look is more dressier but has casual aspects such as the stretch pants with drawstring(so have that second serving of pumpkin pie. 


Out to forage

How to dress for thanksgiving dinner

If your father in-law asks you to help or even hunt with him, you do it(even if you don't want too). This is a more easier way to wear a turtleneck. Still keeping in theme of warm tones but without it being too much. Pair with a graphic and warm shirt jacket aka shacket. The fabric of the turtleneck and shacket is enough to keep you warm for an hour or 2 and you'll still have mobility to do any activity they may ask of you. Even if that means running from your gun holding father in-law. 

Maximum comfort...

What to wear for thanksgiving dinner 

...but still dinner part appropriate. Now if you hate the feelings of turtlenecks go with this look. It has pieces from the other 2 looks but in a more comfortable style. Knits aren't just for thick sweaters, they can be used in a thin long sleeve or a t-shirt version. Not as warm as a turtleneck but still gives the same formality. Paired with a stretch pant that isn't sweatpants, and our favourite corduroy shacket that elevates the look perfectly for this festive season. 

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