How to Master Office Casual Outfits

It’s 2016 and the modern office doesn’t always ask for a suit and tie. Just because the dress code is more casual, it doesn’t mean you should dress like a slob. Office casual, smart casual or business casual is what you want to aim for. The idea is for you to avoid looking like but feeling as comfortable as business tycoon Mark Zuckerberg.

We know that being appropriate for working can be a delicate line to balance but we are here to help. Below our Distillery stylists pulled four looks to get you excited about going to work in the morning.

This look is both put together and laidback. It’ll have you looking smart while keeping you comfortable. Play around by adding contrasting colours and patterns to bring your outfit to life. To ensure that the outfit isn’t too casual, stick with dark denim and keep the shoes polished. Remember your outfit needs to reflect your personality and we all know you’re a ton of fun… so look like it.

This outfit is for the guy who is ready for anything! The stretch jersey blazer and lightweight pant are for those who want to cycle to their job in the spring weather. The leather backpack is a great grown up catch-all and the shoes are perfect to transition to after work drinks. The business casual office is the perfect opportunity to mix pattern, try stripes and dots for a fresh spring look!

This cotton blazer is a must-have for every man. It is unlined making it lightweight and easy to layer. With the construction and colour, it works for smart casual in the office to happy hour drinks with friends to social events on the weekend. Since it’s a solid colour, get adventurous and pair it with prints and bolder colours. Feel free to wear it over t-shirts, polos, oxfords and sweaters as well. To ensure your outfit is pulled together and work appropriate, wear it with a nice pair of brogues or oxfords.

With the weather getting warmer, introduce a lighter palette into your wardrobe. Pair lighter wash denim with a sophisticated blazer to keep the look smart casual. Accessories is what makes the outfit ready for the modern office. The pocket square, tie and structured leather bag shows your clients that you care about first impressions. As always, skip the sneakers and wear leather brogues or oxfords to avoid looking too casual.

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