How to dress if you're a tall guy or short guy

Dress for your size can be difficult, especially if you're really tall or short. Here are some tips that work for both the tall or short guy. Once you know how to dress for your shape, or proportions styling will be easy. 

how to dress for your size, guide

Bring it up 
 Wear brighter or lighter colors to your face and dark on the bottom to bring people's eyes up. 

Proportion is key 
This rule goes for anyone! It's always better to wear clothes that fit trim not boxy. Oversized looks like you're hiding, the right fit means you get it. Small things like getting the right sleeve length to end around the wrist. Or not having excess fabric around your heel on your dress pants. Not having the right proportions can either give the impression of "I put them in the dryer and they shrunk" to "I don't really care, let it be baggy". 

Go monochromatic 
A singular color story (or shades of) will help streamline you. Avoid mixing of contrasting colors. Also keep in mind that you aren't wearing colors that wash you out. Colors that wash you out, are colors that are similar to your skin tone. it sucks the life out of your face. You can learn more about picking the right color with this video we did here. 

If you're tall

Here are some tips for our tall folks that are 6ft2 and taller: 
1. Always tuck in your shirt which leads into rule 2
2. Always use a belt. A belt gives a visual cut to your body, and a belt aways dresses up an outfit.

3. Don't be afraid of colour. I know we said go monochromatic, but wearing contrasting colours can make you look a little shorter. Instead of looking like a tree if you wear all green (if that's what you want) 

If you're short

Here are some tips for the guys who are 5ft8 or shorter:
1. Wear shorter jackets. Shorter jackets will give the illusion of being more tall.
2. Alter your sleeves to the right length. Nothing worse than having a sleeve end mid palm. Shortens you and your arms! 
3. Having small details or patterns that go vertical and not horizontal give the illusion on length, and also make you look slimmer

International tips

Different brands have different cuts, and that means sizing doesn't always add up. That's why it's always great to see what brands work for you, and sticking with them. We carry a lot of different brands, and most of them are from these areas: 

Nordic- trim and lean
Dutch - Big and tall
UK - Short and stocky 

If you don't want to think about fits, and what to pair pair things with, you can always schedule a styling appointment with our experienced stylists here. Let us do all the brain work, so you can dress better without worry.