How Can $2000 Change Your Life? (VIDEO)

Now this video isn’t aimed at the Gotstyle guy (you’re the 30% of guys that get it).

  • It’s for your brother-in-law, that your sister is begging for you to go shopping with.
  • It’s for your buddies that still dress like they did in university (and you graduated 10 years ago).
  • It’s for your work mates who are still wearing three button suits.

PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO THEM (or their significant others) by using the Share button above.The world is a much better place when guys dress better.

The $2,000 is based on:

Sports coat brands include: Strellson, Cinque, Stones, SAND, Moods of Norway, Not Your Father’s Suit, Without Prejudice, and Gotstyle Private Label.

  • Dark denim ($200 avg) We carry: DL1961, Edwin, Ernest Sewn, Levi’s
  • Alternative bottoms: ($225 avg) Look for: Ango mode, Hitl, Stones, Strellson
  • Light Weight knits: ($200 avg) We carry: Ted Baker, Psycho Bunny, PYA
  • Hoodies: ($250 avg) Look for: John Varvatos, Oats, Michael Kors

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